August 21, 2014

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Listen for our Song of the Month for AUGUST, Pat Benatar "Invincible" caller #25 when it plays at 866-649-1079 OR 622-1079 to win $1,000!

Father's Day Dueling Dads


That's right folks!  Our annual Father's Day Dueling Dads competition is back!  If you've got a father figure in your life to you, your children, or anybody you know, submit an entry form and show how much you care!  We will be selecting 2 lucky nominees to square off head-to-head on Father's Day.  These dads will submit their personalized list of 20 favorite tunes to be played at the top of the hour, every hour, from 6am-7pm.  We will poll the results from our Facebook page, and designate a winner!  Both dads will win a prize...but the winner gets a VERY special prize package! 

Please submit YOUR information when you fill out your entry.  Thanks and GOOD LUCK!


General contest rules apply.

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