June 26, 2017

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Rescue From Bad Radio

Rescue From Bad Radio!

Do YOU know somebody at your workplace who hasn't turned the dial to 107.9 The Mix in the mornings?  Maybe they're blaring something you just can't STAND anymore, and you need to settle the score?  Well now is your chance.

Introducing RESCUE FROM BAD RADIO, brought to you by your morning team at 107.9 The Mix and Maine Fire Equipment Co.  Nominate someone that you work with who needs a wake-up call to tune in with us, and Jay, Desiree & Gatsby may show up to your workplace unannounced to take matters into our own hands for you!  As an added bonus to your friend's bewildered (and hopefully embarrassed) face, we'll give the nominator $107.90 in cold hard cash!  What's NOT to love?!

All YOU have to do is fill in YOUR contact information below, and if you are selected we will reach out to you for more information on your nominee! 

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