October 20, 2014

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Listen for our Song of the Month for OCTOBER, The Police "Spirits in the Material World"!  Be caller #25 at 1-866-649-1079 OR 622-1079 to win $1,000!

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8:00am Thursdays


Every Thursday morning we will announce the THEATRICAL PURSUIT Question!  The process is

 easy, and you can win tickets to a show...or even a subscription package to the

Waterville Opera House! Follow these simple steps:


1.) Head on over to operahouse.org for the answer (by clicking the banner below and looking for clues).

2.) Be the first caller to 1-866-649-1079 OR 622-1079 with the correct answer.


That's it!  We will draw winners every week. 

GOOD LUCK, and remember to check out listings at the Waterville Opera House...

From the classics to the new releases, they have a seat

for you!


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New Zealand Earthquake Victims




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